Mobile Device Protection is a one-of-a kind benefit with no pre-registration!

  1. Benefit applies to all phones listed on your eligible cellular phone plan
  2. Covers “mechanical failure” and “accidental damage due to handling”
  3. Covers BOTH new and used devices; cell phones and smartphones
  4. Benefit pays up to $250 with a $50 deductible
  5. No pre-registration of device needed
  6. Waiting period of only 30 days after coverage start date; one claim per consecutive 12-month period

Easy claims process and cash reimbursement

  • Includes screen replacement
  • Can file claim for deductible on other mobile phone and insurance plans
  • No need to mail in damaged device for repairs

        Other terms and conditions apply.  See Member Services Agreement.


  1. Call or visit your Group Sponsor and let them know you would like to file a claim.
  2. Your Group Sponsor will verify your eligibility and send a notification to the Mobile Provider.
  3. A copy of this notification will be sent to you along with a link to the claim form.
  4. Complete the claim form and provide the requested documentation within 60 days following the date of the damage.  For additional details, click on the Member Services Agreement below.

Member Services Agreement

Water Damage to Phone now protected